Thank you for considering rescue!

We appreciate your interest in rescuing a bulldog. Please check this page for our current adoptable bulldogs, as well as dogs who may be on medical hold and not yet available for adoption. 

The first step is to fill out an application down below. Please note we very rarely get puppies into our rescue and the average age of our bulldogs is between 5-7 years old. Many of our rescues may have some kind of behavioral issue or medical issue. Many cannot be placed with small children. We do place outside of Utah, however, we do not transport any of our bullies and all adopters must come to us. The average time for placement can be anywhere from a few days to six months, depending on availability and fit. The more restrictions in place for a dog (young age, must be good with children, dogs, cats, etc.) the longer the wait will be.

If you have any questions, please call Susan at 801-750-0587 or send us an email. We thank you for considering adding a rescue bulldog to your family!

(For additional photos of our rescues, please check out  our Facebook page.)


Poppy- 6 years old

Looking for a friend who is all ears? Why pay a therapist when you can spill all your secrets to adoptable 6-year old Poppy! Poppy currently lives with a foster sister, but her foster parents feel she would be happier and more secure in a home where she can be the only fur child. No DNA test needed to determine if Poppy is a Bulldog as she clearly has the genetic "Couch Potato" trait. But she's also a happy, energetic lady who loves to be the center of attention. She's a bit leary of strangers and we suspect she's an INTJ personality. She craves attention from humans and will stick to your side as the peanut butter to your jelly. 

Poppy gets nervous around small children and will need to go to a mature home. She also thinks cats are a delicious snack so a kitty free home will be the best fit for her. She's house and crate trained and a happy, healthy pup. Her foster parents report she is very quiet and rarely barks. They are able to leave her out when they are gone and never have to worry about her leaving hurricane-level destruction in her wake. She also has some allergies that can be managed through diet.

​Poppy would love nothing more than to hang out with her people all day long, as long as they are older humans. Her adoption fee is $300. Want to meet the brindle beauty with amazing listening skills? Fill out an application down below!

Mercury- 4 years old

Meet Mercury! Mercury is 4-years young and was surrendered for being a bit too playful and energetic for the young children in the home. Mercury is a confident, athletic teenager and defies the fatty bulldog stereotype. He loves walks and a good game of fetch while strutting his hard, chiseled abs. He will need to go to a home who can provide him good structure to help him be the very best boy he can be.

Mercury is very, very smart and eager to learn. With consistent discipline and guidance he can easily pick up commands and would make a great sidekick. He loves spending time with large humans but would rather be homeschooled one on one in a class with no other pups. And like the typical teenager, you can often catch him sleeping in until 1 pm and eating all the Cheetos in the house. He has no problems resting when it's time to go to bed and enjoys some good downtime.

Mercury is a happy, fun boy and would do great in a home who can provide him lots of attention and structure. He is a great dog who would make someone an awesome companion. He is looking for a mature household with older, dog savvy kids, 13+, without other animals. He is house and crate trained and neutered. He is healthy and has been fed very good quality food. His adoption fee is $300. Want to meet this dreamboat? Fill out an application down below. 


Penelope- 3 years old

Move over,  Duchess, we have a new princess in town! Bend the knee to Her Royal Highness Penelope, now available for adoption! 3-year old Penelope came into rescue after her family had some significant life changes and could no longer care for her. They loved her very, very much and this was an extremely difficult decision for them. 

Penelope is a royal diva and wants to be your one and only fur queen. She does not enjoy other animals and should be the only pet in the palace. She's very loving and affectionate and knows several commands. Curtsy, anyone?  She loves people of all sizes and has her pageant wave perfected to get attention from humans. Her favorite possession is her binky towels she likes to suck on. And like any good princess she knows better than to potty in the house. She is fully house and crate trained. She  is a curvy, voluptuous gal and could lose some pounds to fit into her gala dresses. She does have some allergy flare-ups which are controlled by medication. She's spayed and up to date on vaccinations. Her adoption fee is $450.

Can you help Lady Penelope become heir to her new, permanent throne? Fill out an application down below!

Frank- 7 years old (Currently on an Adoption Trial)

Say hello to wrinkly, lovable boy, Frank the Tank! Handsome hunk Frank has unfortunately moved around more than the jeans from the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, due to no fault of his own. He was rehomed due to a divorce, a move, and most recently, the family was allergic to him. We have promised Frank this stop will be his last and he can finally stop living out of a suitcase! 

7-year old Frank does well with other dogs and likes kids. He's a big boy and could benefit from some Cross Fit sessions. He's on anti-inflammatories for his joints but enjoys a good stroll. Getting old is no joke! He needs regular eye drops for dry eye, which has gone neglected for several years. All in all, he is a very sweet, good-natured chunk. He was recently neutered. He is up to date on vaccinations and is crate trained. Frank's adoption fee is $300. Want to help Frank become the star of the Adopter-hood of the Permanent Pants? Fill out an application down below!

Gus- 3 years old

Say hello to rescue dreamboat, Gus! Gus was voted Most Likely to Become a Superhero by his class. His magical superpower is Power Snuggling. You cannot resist his magnetic charm and telekinetic underbite. We believe Gus is approximately 3 years old. Gus came to us after he was unable to get along with the resident dog in the home. But don't worry, while Gus' archenemy may be other doggos, he has exceptional human skills, including with children.

Gus is healthy but could use some help getting into shape for his crime-fighting escapades. He is house and crate trained, up to date on vaccinations, and neutered. His adoption fee is $400. While Gus may be more tan hippo than Black Panther, he will make a great sidekick to a human with a dog-free home. Fill out an application for him today!

Louie- 7 years old

Meet Louie! This 7 year old handsome hunk of love came into rescue after he started WWE-style matches with one of the other doggos in the home. He is an English/American Bulldog who is a tank at a whopping 130 lbs of solid brawn.

Louie is a gentle giant who was saved from a severe abuse/neglect situation. When he was initially rescued Louie was starved so badly you could see every rib. His rescuer nursed him back to health and gave him his confidence and trust in people back. Louie LOVES food, cuddling, sleeping, and being with his people. He has no idea how big he is and likes to be a lap dog. He’s completely trained and has great manners. Louie loves kids and will do best in a home as the only pet or with female dogs.

Louie is currently in a foster home in Idaho. We are hoping to find a great placement for him in Idaho before his road trip to Utah at the beginning of July. If you’re interested in adopting Louie, please fill out an application down below. His adoption fee is flexible.