The Bulldog Club of Utah Rescue Committee is composed of volunteers who are working toward these objectives:

1.  To accept Bulldogs whose owners can no longer keep them and find responsible, stable, loving new homes for them.
2.  To rehabilitate Bulldogs before placement by providing necessary medical treatment and training to increase the chances of successful placement.
3.  To help reduce the population of unwanted pets by ensuring that all rescued Bulldogs are spayed/neutered before being placed.
4.  To screen applicants thoroughly before making placement decisions.
5.  To inform prospective adopters about the rescue program and the requirements for taking care of Bulldogs.

The majority of the English Bulldogs rescued are surrendered by their owners who can no longer keep them.  About one third of our rescue dogs come from local animal shelters and humane societies. 

The average age for the dogs that fall under our care is between 3-5 years, although  7+ has been the norm for some years.  When adopting an older dog a period of adjustment is expected. The vast majority of our rescue dogs adapt very well regardless of their age.  They seem to have an amazing ability to know when they found a good home.

The Bulldog Club of Utah does not have a set fee for placement since the needs of dogs vary greatly.  All Bulldogs must be spayed or neutered prior to placement.  Some have medical problems that need treatment.  The veterinary expenses incurred in rehabilitating the dog are passed along to the new adoptive owner.

Disclaimer: The Bulldog Club of Utah Rescue is ONLY for rescue of English Bulldogs needing homes. We do not purchases dogs from owners.   All Rescued Bulldogs will be spayed/neutered prior to adoption.

We are also a Bulldog Club of America Rescue Network member.
As an arm of The Bulldog Club of Utah, we support changing the AKC standard for Bulldog colors. Click here to read more about this change and why is it important to maintaining the integrity of the Bulldog breed.